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The youngster, dressed in ripped jeans and boots, struck a chord with Cheryl, who said she was 'right up my alley'.

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The singer also refrerred to One Direction as a "marketing product" and wrote a song with the lyrics: "I'm gonna blow up your family like I'm a terrorist." James was dropped from Sy Co in June 2014.

After cleaning up his image, James made headlines once again in August 2016 after being the victim in an unprovoked yet violent clash over a girl.

'Simon Cowell takes the pair to task, telling them they have 'the worst attitude' of any contestants ever and things go from bad to worse as Abbey lashes out at Lisa before leaving the stage.

A show spokesman said producers broke up the 'heated' dispute during auditions filmed at Birmingham's LG Arena in June.

James embarked on a music career from a young age, writing and recording songs both as a solo artist and in bands in his teens.

Before trying out for X Factor, he also tried his hand on The Voice - but his audition never even aired.

James Arthur was born on 2 March 1988 in the north-east town of Middlesbrough.

He was born to an English mother named Shirley Ashworth and Scottish father Neil Arthur.

In May of that year, Ria Vincent and a prostitute revealed performed a sex act on James while he kept his socks on.

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