Wsus not updating halo 1 updating problems

Note You must first configure client computers to contact the WSUS server before you can manage them from that server.

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Under this node you can find the different groups you have set up (plus the default group, Unassigned computers).

Selecting one of the computer groups in the computers node under Options causes the computers in that group to be displayed in the details pane.

Computers are always assigned to the All computers group, and remain assigned to the Unassigned computers group until you assign them to another group. Computer groups can be set up in hierarchies (for example, the Payroll group and the Accounts Payable group below the Accounting group).

Updates that are approved for a higher group will automatically be deployed to lower groups, as well as to the higher group itself.

However, there are times when it rears its ugly head and demands attention. It pushes them out after I approve them and then installs them late at night, usually with an automatic reboot when completed.

In our company we run WSUS - Windows Server Update Services - to keep all our Windows desktops updated. I have trained my users over the years to ALWAYS leave their computers on to accommodate the patch process, the weekly AV scans and so that I can get into their workstations any time I need to work on them in the evening. Microsoft likes WSUS because it cuts down on the number of users hitting the Windows Update site. Microsoft has been slowly moving everyone over to Microsoft Update instead of Windows Update.

If a computer is assigned to multiple groups, it will appear in the listings of both groups.

If you select a computer in the list, you can see its properties, which include general details about the computer and the status of updates for it, such as the installation or detection status of an update for a particular computer.

Someone on his blog actually asked if the extension was necessary. After nuking the old folder, run the update again and all is well but it takes a long time to go through that long download and update process. I have found that the easiest way to fix a Microsoft Update problem is to switch back to Windows Update from the "Change Setting" option on the left-side menu.

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However, the update will be deployed only once, and any conflicts will be resolved by the WSUS server.

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