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The most effective way to avoid that is by setting some limits right off the bat.

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“Even though my parents are wonderful people, I really didn't feel comfortable living at home, especially because I wasn't working.

I knew I needed to make a jump, and [moving abroad] was one of the best decisions I've ever made.” Ultimately, the experience of returning to the nest helped Megan realize how important it was for her to try living in a completely new environment.“Carla,” 32Carla returned to her parents’ home multiple times after college, living there on and off.

I don't see myself living with my mom forever, but for right now, I’m really happy here,” she acknowledges.

Still, Sandy is working through some “personal uneasiness” about what living at home says about her.

She’s hoping to avoid another return home, although she fears that if she doesn’t find a job immediately, she may have no better choice.

“When you're over 30, I [think] there's [more] stigma attached to living at home,” she observes.“Sandy,” 29Sandy moved back home with her mom last November after trying to make ends meet for five years on a paltry salary.

The longest stretch lasted about two years in her mid-'20s: After getting laid off, Megan found a job working in a gym, but it paid too little for her to support herself.

Living with her parents definitely put a damper on her dating and social life.

She admits to occasional insecurity, especially when it comes to dating; she worries she might not be as attractive as those who live independently.

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