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In February 2009, she officially changed her stage name to Santigold as a result of infomercial jeweller Santo Gold threatening legal action against White and her label Downtown Records. Artistes which became a hit in the UK and on American alternative radio.The last several years have seen the revival of new wave and electro rock in the mainstream music world, particularly in the indie rock department.

There are few artists that have stood out with truly unique attempts to expand outside the accepted confines of this genre. Artistes”, and we get the first exposure to White’s Nelly Furtado-like vocals (with a lot more emotion) and a charming blend of electro rock and trip-hop.

But as of late, at least to this writer, this type of music has become overplayed, bland, and stale. But after that, the rest of the album is nothing more than the same hook (or verse (or chorus—take your pick)) repeated again and again for three minutes straight.

Even if her whole thing is repeating the same thing over and over again in the span of three minutes, it’s almost a necessity to make some sort of musical variations or changes to the track otherwise.

I don’t listen to much electronic or techno music, so someone will have to notify me if this almost-boring repetition is native to that sort of music.

Santogold, the collaboration between Santi White and former Stiffed bandmate John Hill, first began receiving notice in late 2007, thanks mostly to the release of the single "Creator," which seemed to point White in the direction of an M. "I'm a Lady," despite the fact it could belong in the late-'90s pop canon, is delightfully catchy and inviting; "L. In fact, Hill is so instrumental in creating the diversity and lushness of sound that the pieces in which he doesn't contribute, or contributes very little, are markedly different. These are the exceptions to the overall sound, however (and their very rarity makes them so much more appealing, and evidence of the work of a complete artist, not one trying to follow the coattails of another), because most of Santogold lacks that jagged angularity that drives M. This is music that looks outward at the pan-continental landscape while staying firmly adherent to and respectful of its deeply American roots; it's the emerging -- and hopeful -- face of the new millennium, and an altogether shining accomplishment.

Much of this is because of the contributions from Hill, who adds plenty of guitars and warm keyboards, encouraging White to fill out the songs, the verses, and the hooks, with her rich Gwen Stefani-meets-Janelle Monáe voice. Artistes" sounds like a fuller, brighter Tegan and Sara song; and "My Superman" is the urban 21st century's version of a sultry jazz standard. A.'s Kala, shows off his impressive beat-making skills on "Creator," which features White doing the singsongy rap that has helped make Maya Arulpragasam so popular ("Me, I'm a creator, thrill is to make it up/The rules I break got me a place up on the radar"), and the Diplo-helmed "Unstoppable" marries dub and Hollertronix electronica nicely. Instead, the album is informed by pop and good humor, the importance of melody and structure never overshadowed by rhythm and dancefloor-worthiness.With her latest release, Santigold sings in the song, alluding to the societal pressures she faces. have done it better by pushing the boundaries with far more jarring lyrics.Her mix of spirited melodies and biting lyrics is certainly appealing, but it isn’t exactly new, and artists like Lily Allen and M. As the album progresses, Santigold continues to further dabble with differing genres – it is indubitably fun, but her efforts also unfortunately dilute the album’s supposed message.New-wave inspired ‘Rendezvous Girl’, for instance, is a throwback to the 80s power-suit, career-driven women.In contrast, ’s slower numbers like ‘All I Got’ and ‘Walking in a Circle’ are teasingly lethargic, but regrettably forgettable.Portishead’s return this year, as expected, redefined the expectations and sent bands and record labels scrambling to try and match Beth Gibbons and Geoff Barrow’s latest triumph. Following the wonderful (by comparison) first track, I’m not sure if Santi forgot that a basic song structure requires a verse, chorus, and bridge.

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