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"There was a lot of management, a lot of people trying to dictate me doing the sexy thing, me doing whatever it was, where my next career was going to be." Nikki spent time in Nashville songwriting, where she says people knew of her but had "no preconceived ideas of me".

Alas, the Nikki-as-Nikki and Zoe-as-Nikki duet wasn’t to be, but I watched her sing in that opening ceremony with wide eyes and a full heart. I remember watching the video clip for the first time and being AMAZED. Luckily, all my year one friends were on board the Nikki train, so we listened to the "Strawberry Kisses" single approximately 1,657,900,393 times. "To sit down and watch the Olympics with her will be a pretty proud moment for me.

Although other video clips have since attempted to be cooler, edgier, or better animated, than "Strawberry Kisses", I think you'll agree upon rewatching that it remains the greatest production ever on Earth and also in Robot Space. (Not like that creepy issue of Zoo Magazine announcing she was "all grown up", but actually, properly all grown up). To show [my daughter] that you can work hard and fulfil your dreams and whatever she wants to do, to follow her passions and dreams and I will support it." It looks like, without knowing it, my year one gang of cronies chose... She's doing a job she loves, raising a family and not worrying too much about what other people think.

being Australian and being able to represent my country,'The young star on the rise later received negative backlash that sent her into a dark and vulnerable place. It made me grow up a lot quicker in terms of I knew what I wanted, and what I wanted was to prove a lot of people wrong,' Nikki said.

The now regular mum-of-one owns Dance @ Nikki Webster offering a range of dance classes across Australia.

"When I went to LA by myself I would call my parents constantly, sitting in a little apartment by myself sobbing and thinking I couldn't go on any more," Nikki remembers. It still gives me shivers when I think about it." While she will not name the person she says she trusted with her career and finances, her frank admission that she was fleeced displays a lost innocence, and a deep wariness of people with "greedy, jealous agendas".

"I was ripped off financially – to an extreme degree – but money is money, and what you remember isn't the money you lose, but what happened to you," she says. But what we were most into as the Olympics rolled into town, was Nikki Webster. For work, she runs three performing arts studios with her brothers in Sydney, a job she loves.I wanted to be her (curly hair included) and also be her best friend and also be in the Olympics, and would they maybe let us do an Opening Ceremony duet where the two identical Nikkis sang next to each other? When Nikki's single "Strawberry Kisses" was released a year later, I couldn't deal. NIKKI WEBSTER WAS SO COOL I COULDN'T AND WOULDN'T HANDLE IT. So I have three areas of my life, it’s all very different." Like most mums, she's looking forward to sitting down with her daughter and watching the Rio Olympics this year.The unveiling of the Minchinbury dance school will coincide with an inaugural Open Day.The event will provide locals with the opportunity to try classes for free all day and register for the 2016 dance year.The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

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