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It was clear with each of the couples on the ‘Where Are They Now’ special that the producers made them have awkward personal conversations reflecting on their lives for the cameras. It would appear he’s utilizing an exciting blend of hair product, including a moisturizing leave-in conditioner. Amy’s perfect mother is available on Skype and plans to visit in like, a decade.

But if some girl makes a few hundred thousand pounds selling an unsubstantiated story about Beckham it remains headline “news”–apparently forever.

David is such an ass hole, he has a woman such as victoria, and he goes play around?

He asked for my telephone number, and I gave it him.

Unfortunately, he didn’t give me his, and I haven’t heard from him since.’ According to the report, Ms. ‘He should be a man and live up to his responsibilities,’ she added.

S., after her successful performances in “Celebrity Love Island” and “The Farm.” Where do you get all this crap?

The Loos story isn’t current, its four years old, the only statement Beckham made about it was that it was absurd and the woman was paid close to a million pounds to tell it by the UK’s sleaziest tabloid.

Victoria is such a classy, educated & beautiful lady. i swear to god that this ass hole don’t deserve this precious diamond.

In preparation for next Sunday’s premiere of SEASON THREE OF 90 DAY FIANCE (!!!!!

From the Copenhagen Post: “‘David answered the door wearing white Diesel boxer shorts,’ she told the Sunday People. I followed him through to the bedroom where he put his arms around me and kissed me…

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