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will follow the irrepressible Keith – and some of his best-loved sketch show characters – as he heads to LA to get famous.

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Keith Lemon has finally revealed why he wears a bandage on his right hand.

For years the comedian has kept fans confused about the bandage but in an interview on Radio X with Chris Moyles, he finally revealed why he does it.

The glam star appeared on the hilarious ITV show on Saturday night, and debuted her abode to the world.

ITV2, the home of the behind-the-scenes reality show, takes an exclusive comic look into the anarchic world of Keith Lemon, capturing his home life, work life and everything in between in this no-holds barred 'reality' series.

Me chatting to some hopefully familiar faces (depending who I run into) and there''ll also be a few familiar faces from me sketch show."I wonder if they've got urban fox'sss in California?

More precisely, Francis is an award-winning stand-up comedian, actor, director, producer, writer and voice artist. Fans best know Francis for creating Channel 4’s adult sketch show "Bo’ Selecta!

Series 1 followed Keith as settled down with his girlfriend, Rosie Parker, as well as sneaking a peek on him making his various film and TV projects.

In Series 2, following a breakup from his long term girlfriend, Rosie, Keith is single and looking to make an impact on the celebrity dating circuit.

Consequently, Leigh created Bo' Selecta and started writing and performing on the show.

The series showcased Leigh portraying series of celebrities by wearing masks to impersonate them. After Bo' Selecta, Francis created a brand new show called "Keith Lemon's Very Brilliant World Tour" taking Bo' Selecta's character, Keith Lemon.

He is famous for appearing in such shows and interviews in one of his celebrity guises.

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