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In the City Council, and as mayor, Springer supported changing the local election system so that council members would be elected by districts (thus better representing neighborhood interests) instead of "9X" at-large system, but his efforts (as well as those of everyone else, to date, who has supported such a change) did not meet with success.

In 1982, Springer sought the Democratic nomination for governor of Ohio.

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Springer told the newsman, "I'm glad that you were wrong." In 1977, he was chosen to serve one year as mayor by the City Council.

Springer could only serve one year as mayor due to a political arrangement at the time (Cincinnati has since changed to direct election of its mayor) that required the Democrats to split the mayoral term with a local centrist group, the Charter Party, with whom the Democrats governed in an electoral alliance.

Those commentaries would eventually become his "Final Thought" on Springer.

Springer would remain commentator at WLWT until January 1993. In 1997, the Chicago-based NBC-owned station WMAQ-TV hired Springer to serve as a news commentator.

With the help of some others at WLWT, he created his signature line: "Take care of yourself, and each other." Within two years he was Cincinnati's number-one news anchor, along with partner Norma Rashid.

For five years, he was the most popular one in the city, garnering ten local Emmy Awards for his nightly commentaries, which were frequently satirized by Cincinnati radio personality Gary Burbank.

Among the planned suitors: a shoplifter, a woman who gets advice from psychics and a control freak.

Springer called “Baggage” a family friendly show that’s “just fun and lighthearted. I’ve been doing it forever, joking around with guests, having fun.” The half-hour series debuts April 19.

There’s no life-changing issues.” “I’m like the crazy old uncle,” he said.

“People feel comfortable telling me their secrets, that I won’t be judgmental.” After the three contestants are pared down to one, the potential date must own up to a fault of his or her own.

Springer was hired as a political reporter and commentator on Cincinnati's NBC affiliate, WLWT, which had, at the time, the lowest-rated news program.

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