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He has been involved in several shows including VMA's, EMA's and BBC's radio show.

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Ryan knows that this can only end badly but his conscious loses to desire.

Along with his inability to to trust anyone, he endures heart break, trauma, and the battle of inner demons as well as demons hidden within the facility.

And whether those pesky student loans were worth it.(Or: the one where Frank is an idiot, Gerard is an asshole, and Mikey and Pete need to just work it out already.

1/3.) Gabe's property is illegally seized, and there is very little they can do to get the boys back before the holiday weekend.

Of course Pete motherfucking Wentz, captain of the god damn football team, had to choose a scrawny little junior like Mikey Way.

Well, that scrawny little junior wishes he never even met Pete at that stupid fucking 7-11 on the fourth of July.

(OR: Patrick's an ice skating instructor, Pete's in love, and it takes all of Pete's friends to get him to work up the courage to talk to him.

But it all works out in the end) Brendon is most definitely not a delinquent.

And the two freshmen bands gaining traction, My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy, are fighting for notoriety on campus.

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