Who is drew barrymore dating 2016

Drew Barrymore has confessed she's still not ready to begin dating again.

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Drew and her ex-husband Will have remained friendly since their divorce was finalized last year.

Last Sunday, Drew took to Instagram to share a photo of her former husband holding their daughter Frankie on his shoulders while they participated in the Women's March.

About two months later Jamie and Drew parted company.

The first time Drew tied the knot was when the actress was 19-years-old.

Like, there's a part of me that still dates from that kind of perspective.'I can't stand when people want to talk on the phone all the time, or text, or email,' she added.

The actress appeared on the show to promote her new Netflix series, Santa Clarita Diet, and while publicizing the program on the Today show, said she had let herself go before filming the new show due to 'personal circumstances.' Drew dished about losing 20lbs for her role on Santa Clarita Diet as Sheila, a real estate agent who becomes a zombie that feeds on human flesh.'It came sort of the middle of a moment in my life where I had sort of let myself go due to personal circumstances, and I thought I could come alive with Sheila,' she told Today anchor Natalie Morales.

The star, 41, told host Andy Cohen on Friday that she's still 'in shock' over things, and wasn't seeing anybody as of now.

Asked by Andy if she's ever considered giving dating apps Raya or Tinder a go, Drew said she had actually been watching her friends using those services.

When, she entered into this industry her mother became her manager.

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