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The producers thus went with CBS, which agreed to market The Golden Palace as a show with its own voice separate from that of its parent show.CBS used The Golden Palace as one of four comedies assembled on Friday night in an effort to combat ABC's TGIF comedy block; The Golden Palace was grouped with Major Dad, Designing Women, and Bob, all of which were either successful comedies prior to the move, or in the case of Bob, featured a previously successful sitcom star (Bob Newhart).The premiere garnered solid ratings, and the show won its timeslot for its first few weeks, but viewership fell steadily for the entire block as the season progressed.

Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose search for Sophia, who has gone missing.

This episode features the final appearance of Bea Arthur as Dorothy. This also marks the only scene to take place at Shady Pines, the nursing home frequently mentioned throughout original series.

The only one of the four aforementioned shows to get picked up for the 1993–94 season was Bob, which hired Betty White to join its revamped cast.

Twenty-four episodes of The Golden Palace were produced.

His ex-mother-in-law Sophia, however, begins seeing Stan duck in when no one else is around, claiming he has faked his death in a tax evasion scheme.

As no one else witnesses Stan, the others assume Sophia is having demented hallucinations.Blanche's new love interest plans to put his racing greyhound to sleep if it does not win its next race. Roland fears that Chuy is dating his mother and tries to put a stop to it.Stanley Zbornak, Dorothy's ex-husband, is presumed dead.Rose invites a restaurant critic (Eric Christmas) to review the hotel restaurant's food.There, the critic drops dead, and the staff fears that Chuy — whom the critic once gave a bad review — may have poisoned him.(The current rights holders to The Golden Girls have, to date, not picked up The Golden Palace.) Rose makes a deal with producers of a talk show to have guests on the show stay at the Golden Palace for free, in exchange for an ad acknowledging the hotel, until they find out that one of their newest guests is a killer.

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