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But earlier today, things got real on Lambo's IG.Awhile back, Charlamagne Tha God made Lambo his "Donkey of the Day" on co-hosts DJ Envy and Angela Yee partied at Club LIV in Miami before doing their show down in the 305 this morning, Lambo reportedly tried to approach Charlamagne.White America is, maybe for the first time in the digital age, being confronted with the fact that Race™ has been An Issue™ in America, even if they didn’t know it, or pretended not to know it, or didn’t know the extent to which the racial dynamics and systemic inequalities echoed throughout every part of a country that benefits them at every turn — and now that everyone knows, they can’t conscionably unknow.

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While Daniels is often wrong about racism and homophobia, his reasoning for creating a white protagonist doesn’t pale next to Trevor Noah’s and Charlamagne tha God’s budding friendship with 24-year-old conservative talking head, Tomi Lahren.

Lahren appeared onfor a 26-minute debate on everything from Trump to Black Lives Matter.

The 26-minute interview amounted to something very far from Noah eviscerating Lahren in the way most people predicted would happen.

With a level head, he urged Lahren to expound on her racist views without calling her a racist.

This is true for many reasons, but can probably be most easily summed up by considering the escalation of the Black Lives Matter movement toward the latter end of the tenure of our first black president, all being capped off by the election of a white supremacist as his successor.

Race is on the table in an especially real way right now.The radio personality defended the private conversation he had with Lahren by assuring black people that she’s not racist because she said she wasn’t despite the confounding evidence (likening Black Lives Matter to the KKK, support of Donald Trump, racially-coded critique of Jesse Williams’s BET speech) that says otherwise.Charlamagne isn’t the only black man who believes her rhetoric is misinformed and dangerous, but not racist.Now imagine having the weight of all that is Race In America on you for your whole life, and your parents’ lives; imagine having it woven prominently into the identities of countless generations, and you can start to understand the fatigue the people of color in America feel too when it comes to contemplating race and its implications in this country. It doesn’t help that we are all constantly plugged into media now.You can’t turn on a late night show or log into social media or read the without broaching the topic of race in at least one of its many complexities.Race talk has inconvenienced a specific cohort who thought we’d said goodbye to all that when we elected a black president in 2008.

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