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I was so thankful to receive Marias call the other day, to be a part of her annual sale!

Maria is a very accomplished local artist & potter who gathers several other local handcrafters' items into her cozy Holiday home.

Thanks Erin, from Lebanon Soap, for filling the air with festive laughter!!

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It was so wonderful to be there for the 2nd weekend, in a room with fun, familiar & favorite faces!

A true joy to be next to & across from two true treasures, & to share the space with some new gals too!

Please visit Maria online by clicking below on her store name in lavender: Thanks for your support, Anne The following I created on July 4, 2014: Today, as we celebrate our independence from rule by another, let us support our American companies!

Independent retailers return more than three times as much money per dollar of sales to the local economy than chain stores.

I've never even received a complimentary dessert or coupon from any of the folks I admire & about whom I boast.

I simply & firmly believe in completely gratuitously highlighting those who are exhibiting care for our planet = )I prefer to place my own dollars where they are affirming respect for our natural resources & those who share this incredibly lush & lovely planet.

Independent retailers return more than three times as much money per dollar of sales to the local economy than chain stores. I picked up 5 new organic fabrics this January (2017), from our local amazing artists at Cloud9 Fabrics!

If every family in the country spent a month at local businesses, more than .3 billion would be returned to local economies." Sources: Small Business Administration; Civic Economics; American Booksellers Association Please take a listen & look at a clever 2.5 minute video I just posted in my GMO Info area: Top 5 GMO Lies. After you've finished watching, there are plenty of other videos & a link to join millions of concerned Americans in signing a petition to ask our government to require labeling, like 65 other nations have! The two pictured below at the bottom, are from their Winter 2016 Festive collection & are for our 2017 winter holiday season.

They are, quite appropriately festive ; ) The other three are from their Moody Blues collection & to me, speak as harbingers of spring, but are, oh so lovely, year round = ) I believe they will delight all!

Thank you all who joined us for the 30th annual Gingerbread Show at Frelinghuysen Arboretum in Morris Plains the 1st 2nd weekends of December!

Thank you to all who share their planet passion with everyone around them!

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