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The key thing is that they truly are friends and that “Smallville” is as much about how Lex would become a super villain as it is about how Clark would become a super hero.Throw into the mix Daddy Dearest in the form of Lionel Luthor (John Glover), and Lex would have already pulled all of his hair out if it were not for what happened that fateful day in Smallville.

The number 8 also represents Infinity but more specifically infinite supply of all things good in the world. to bring all that together, I hope these 8 pointers start a new conversation, a new approach and a new response and reaction to the world of relationships.

I also hope that with this newness you will find infinite love, energy and time to apply to the new relationship. ) Here are 8 ways to “Think Like A Woman”: Let’s change the narrative and actually start to better communicate with one another with hopes that women better understand men and now you men can better understand us.

The key part of “Smallville” is that creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar go back to the simple beginning, with young Clark (Tom Welling) growing up on the Kent farm with Martha (Annette O’Toole) and Jonathan (John Schneider).

From the “Superboy” comic books the series borrows the characters of girl next-door Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) and best buddy Pete Ross (Sam Jones III).

Our sources say Paris and Kathy were on-board, but patriarch Rick Hilton was having none of it.

We're told Rick -- who runs the monster real estate company Hilton & Hyland -- felt it wasn't right for him to appear because he's not in entertainment ...

Think Like A Woman Now I was approached with the question of breaking it down for men in such a way that Steve Harvey gave us women the inside scoop with his book “Think Like A Man”.

Now initially it puzzled me because I felt like no matter what we tell you, YOU’RE STILL GOING TO DO WHAT YOU WANT!

But in addition to covering the basics, Gough and Millar come up with a key triad of additions to the original Smallville mythos.

First, they add young Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) to the mix, knowing that he and Superman are fated to be (im)mortal enemies, but that for the present he and Clark are friends (after Clark saves Lex’s life in a car accident that should have killed them both).

Second, is the brilliant reconceptualization of Superman’s arrival on earth where the small spacecraft shows up in the middle of a shower of glowing green meteors that are all that remains of the planet Krypton.

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