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Way back in 1938 when unemployed architect Alfred Butts of Jackson Heights, New York set out to create himself a new type of family board game called Criss Cross Words he couldn’t have imagined that seventy years on people who have never even spoken, never mind seen or met each other would be playing his game against opponents all over the globe.

Whilst he might have predicted a little family rivalry when the game is pulled out this Christmas, he couldn’t have predicted that online the game would prompt heated international argument but also help build the popularity of ‘social networking’, significantly accelerating facebook’s growth.

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With over half a million users, Scrabble is one of facebook’s top 25 applications.

And it’s not the only Scrabble style word game out there. The modern explosion in Scrabble started in India when brothers Rajat Agarwalla, 27, and Jayant Agarwalla, 22 created a application for the newly emerging Facebook in 2007 and named it Scrabulous.

Something about the game appealed to a new generation who were discovering the game as if it was new.

Maybe it was the simplicity of the game or the way it introduced you to new people or maybe it was just the way you could play match after match without stopping. It quickly became the most popular game on Facebook.

Once both applications were up and running the game was on.

Whilst younger friends and colleagues had joined in the social networking revolution first with myspace and then facebook and twitter I had kept away from this world.

Such success didn’t go un-noticed, especially when the only difference between Scrabulous and board game Scrabble was a matter of letters in the name.

It’s suggested that the games owners (different companies in different territories) tried to buy the application but, with Agarwalla’s taking significant advertising revenues from their pages, no deal could be done.

You thought it was a game to while away a wet afternoon?

Welcome to 21st Century Scrabble, sit down and feel free to while away your life.

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