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There was no fight and Darrell actually backed out of a fight he instigated by calling Wes’ girl a whore (totally inappropriate). Although, I feel sorry for her, as she pops an implant next week. - Tonya is up to her old tricks (getting ridiculously drunk) and I have a love hate relationship with her.Wes gets matched up with Chet (the Bowtie Killer) in the elimination and Tonya picks Diem. Johanna is smart and good competitor but she is under a lot of stress this season.15. Casey always struggles in these things and she looked better without implants.24. - I can’t believe Casey is on the show, she has no chance and she has looked better.Anthony has his work is cut out for him trying to maneuver his unpredictable cousin through the competition.

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But this Real World: Sydney hottie is no push over and never backs down from a fight.

On The Island, Kelly Anne stood up for herself against not only Dunbar, but Johnny Bananas, and outlasted powerhouse Rachel to earn herself a prized key.

The Champions consist of Darrell, Derrick, Evan, Evelyn, Ibis, Johanna, Johnny Bananas, Katie, Kenny, Susie, Syrus, Tonya, Veronica, and Wes.

The Challengers (who do not have a chance to win a competition or an elimination challenge) team consists of Adam, Brad, Brianna, Casey, Cohutta, Danny, Dunbar, Kelly Anne, Kimberly, Nick, Sarah, Shauvon, Diem, and Chet.

Although Wes desperately tried to ruin the competition, the Champions team still prevailed and resigned to his fate, Wes voluntarily goes into the Ruins (elimination challenge). It looks like Darrell gets into a fight later on in the season, and if that is true you can count him out of the running.

Darrell took major offense after Wes nearly sabotaged the Champions victory and later that day Darrell and Wes nearly came to blows. - I love Shauvon, she was so happy to make it to the next round and get the opportunity to hook up with someone new!

Not one to bite her tongue, Kelly Anne's outspoken bravado could spell trouble in a game where rocking the boat can sink her chances and get her booted.

Bio: Bold, outspoken and funny as hell, Kelly Anne may not seem like Challenge material at first glance.

Jamie pouts, “Now I have to do this with some girl who I personally think belonged in a mental hospital.” Once you stir Kelly Anne up, she stays hot, “He’s disgusting. We don’t see eye to eye.” Can these two put the fireworks on hold and focus on the game?

Or is it just a matter of time before these ticking bombs explode?

by Matt Anaya This week has been premiere week on MTV and Wednesday it was the latest installment in MTV’s reality competition the Real World Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins.

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