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The game’s story takes place less than a year later, where Kasumi is still 17-years-old.

Everyone fights the traditional Japanese demon called the Tengu, for some reason.

Following In this title not only can you play volleyball in impractical outfits, but you can also participate in events normally reserved for Japanese Gravure idols, like a minigame where you bump butts with another girl, or slide down a water-slide.

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As logic dictates, the women play volleyball and give each other gifts of increasingly scanty bathing suits, which are not meant to be used as suits or for bathing, let alone volleyball.

Further, characters who wanted to kill each other in the main games find the creepily cheery island and ridiculous swimsuits quell their bloodlust, allowing bitter rivals to get along well enough to win some fun-time volleyball matches. It exhibited the series’ expectation of quick reaction time with pretty simple controls and made for a fun game.

The title took advantage of Xbox LIVE and sported relatively lag-free online fighting at the time, something fighting game developers are still struggling with these days.

Those wacky villains at DOATEC are back trying to create a super-weapon again, but this time instead of picking an aging man as a base for their weapon, they go with a Kasumi clone.

This first sequel introduced dynamic environments to the series with multi-tiered stages that change as the fighters are thrown against the boundaries of the arena.

While games like ‘s 3D environments were some of the first of their kind.

The story summaries say he caused a worldwide disaster, but I don’t remember this from any of the many times I played through the game.

In 2001, became one of the few Xbox launch titles anyone remembers, bringing greater emphasis on counters to the series, but not a whole lot else.

That person would tell you they probably deserved that.

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