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For example, you may want to ensure that someone inserts a valid e-mail address into a text box, or perhaps you want to ensure that someone fills in certain fields.

Microsoft® Office Front Page® 2003 allows you to create some custom validation within the form feature.

date String = (new Month() 1) "/"; date String = new Date() "/"; date String = new Full Year(); document.write(date String); // Output: Today's date is: was introduced in Internet Explorer before Internet Explorer 6.

So I thought why not writing a post which validates the date as well. Well, I have created a function which takes date value as input and returns true/false based on date validation logic. I believe life is short, and it is for loving, sharing, learning and connecting.

Below is the j Query function which validates the date.

object contains a number representing a particular instant in time to within a millisecond.

If the value of an argument is greater than its range or is a negative number, other stored values are modified accordingly.

This article assumes a general understanding of HTML and Java Script.

(16 printed pages) Introduction Getting Started Writing the Validation Script Connecting the Form to the Script Associating Form Fields with Custom Script Code Listing Conclusion When you create forms, providing form validation is useful to ensure that your customers enter valid and complete data.

Dezember 2012" // an application may want to use UTC and make that visible Zone = 'UTC'; Zone Name = 'short'; console.log(Locale Date String('en-US', options)); // → "Thursday, December 20, 2012, GMT" The compatibility table in this page is generated from structured data.

If you'd like to contribute to the data, please check out and send us a pull request.

UTC(2012, 11, 12, 3, 0, 0)); // to Locale Date String() without arguments depends on the implementation, // the default locale, and the default time zone console.log(Locale Date String()); // → "12/11/2012" if run in en-US locale with time zone America/Los_Angeles This example shows some of the variations in localized date formats.

In order to get the format of the language used in the user interface of your application, make sure to specify that language (and possibly some fallback languages) using the var date = new Date(Date.

This was really a lengthy process which used to put a lot of burden on the server.

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