Updating table of contents in indesign

You can simply drag pages in the Pages panel to rearrange them within a document or use the Move Page command on the panel Options menu to move them between documents.

When you no longer need a page, you can quickly delete it from your document using the Pages panel.

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Set the text frame’s color to None and turn on Nonprinting Object in the Attributes panel (or put the frame on a hidden layer), and it’s almost as though this were a “non-object”—the text won’t print, and it won’t affect the ad underneath.

But if that advertiser’s name is tagged with a style, you can include it on a list of advertisers.

He’s also the author of the Quark XPress 8 and Quark XPress 7 training titles at Lynda.com, as well as the training videos Quark includes in the box with Quark XPress 7 .

In addition, Jay writes regularly for Macworld and Photoshop User magazines and speaks at industry events.

The default Table of Contents dialog box gives you the basic controls you need for a simple table of contents, but for most lists we make we click the More Options button, which gives us more options for fine-tuning the table of contents (see Figure 8-10).

One of the things we like most about tables of contents is that they’re document-wide rather than simply story-wide.

That means if you update the document on which the list is based (such as adding pages or changing the text), the entries and page numbers in the table of contents don’t automatically update, and you will have to rebuild it.

We find that we build and rebuild a table of contents several times for each document or book.

what I’m looking for: “Chapter 1 How to cook an egg.” This is only in the TOC, the chapter titles are just fine in the individual files.

Any help would be appreciated 🙂 This is an easy one to remedy.

This feature lets you build collections of paragraphs that have been tagged with specific styles.

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