Updating nqs spool file notary stamp updating commission dates

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To indicate that a file is in another location, the user should either specify the full path name or use the session reached a process limit or that it cannot allocate a resource.

To determine the reason, you should examine the NQS log file.

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This chapter helps you to identify common problems you may experience while administering NQE; possible causes and resolutions are also included.

NQS tries the following methods to return output to a user: in the standard error file, the batch request may have tried to access a file that could not be found.

NQS assumes that any files the user is trying to access are in the home directory of the user at the execution host.

In Issue 1 of the ACECQA Newsletter for 2013 we asked ‘What are you doing to ensure your Quality Improvement Plan remains a living document?

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If they are not there, check the user's home directory or the home directory at the remote system of the user under which the request executed.

If you cannot find any output files, check for electronic mail messages sent to the user.

In the event that this does occur, any jobs that are submitted to the pipe queue will remain in the pipe queue if they cannot be sent to any of the other destinations in the list.

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