Updating netscape bookmarks

In the resulting sheet, choose From File and click Next.

In the Import Bookmark File dialog box that appears, navigate to your saved Safari file and click Open.

updating netscape bookmarks-14

Note: In Firefox 3, imported bookmarks are added to the end of your Bookmarks Menu.

This means, for instance, that bookmarks from exported Firefox 3 bookmarks will have the imported bookmark folders (Bookmarks Toolbar, Bookmarks Menu, and Unsorted Bookmarks) added to the end of the existing Bookmarks Menu and you will have to check the nesting and move wanted imported bookmarks where you want them and remove any unwanted folders and bookmarks left over from the import.

Launch Safari and from this self-same Debug menu choose Export Bookmarks and save the resulting Safari file to a convenient location.

Launch Firefox or Mozilla Suite and import the bookmarks file as explained above.

Browse to the folder containing the bookmarks HTML file, select the file you wish to import and click "open".

The imported bookmarks will be added to your existing bookmarks.Really Simple Syndication (RSS), Instant Messaging (IM) and blogs are popular in academic libraries.The paper concludes by offering best practices for implementing Web 2.0 tools in academic libraries.Firefox users who don't wish to keep their existing bookmarks can start in Firefox Safe Mode, select the option, "Delete all bookmarks except for backups" (Firefox 3.6 and above) or "Reset bookmarks to Firefox defaults" (Firefox 3.5 and below), and then choose "Make Changes and Restart", before importing the bookmarks HTML file.You can import a bookmarks file from a number of different sources, as long as the file is in HTML format.You can then import the HTML file you just saved into your Mozilla browser using the "Import from file" feature of the Bookmarks Manager (see above).

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