Updating mc35i firmware Webcamsexe

If you did change the baudrate however the firmware update will be quite quick, taking only a minute or two.After the update you should reconnect to the module and check the fimware version.

updating mc35i firmware-3

If everything went ok, you should get the updated firmware version 🙂 Just a word of caution: If you would like to use the module in unconventional ways like with RTKLIB, you should consider not updating it, as the newer firmware doesn’t support the debug messages needed for RTKLIB anymore (downgrading to flash 2.01 seems to work ok).

You can still downgrade to an older Flash version, but I am not sure if it is possible to downgrade to the ROM version.

" 2 " CSCS: "GSM"" 3 "OK" 1 "AT CGMI" 2 "SIEMENS" 3 "OK" Manufacturer info received [Manufacturer: Siemens] 1 "AT CSCS=?

" 2 " CPMS: ("MT","SM","ME"),("MT","SM","ME"),("MT","SM")" 3 "OK" Checking line: OK AT reply state: 1 RECEIVED frametype 0x00/length 0x48/72 41A|54T|2B |43C|50P|4DM|53S|3D=|3F?

I haven’t found the command to do that yet, but I guess it should exist somewhere 🙂 If you know how to do that please leave a comment…

Audio od Vo IP volajícího bude ve vrátnem/bráně směrováno k uchu volajícího.Leaving GSM_Set Incoming Call Entering GSM_Set Incoming USSD Enabling incoming USSD SENDING frametype 0x00/length 0x0A/10 41A|54T|2B |43C|55U|53S|44D|3D=|311|0D AT CUSD=1.1 "AT CSCS="UCS2"" 2 "OK" Checking line: OK AT reply state: 1 RECEIVED frametype 0x00/length 0x15/21 41A|54T|2B |43C|53S|43C|53S|3D=|22"|55U|43C|53S|322|22"|0D |0D AT CSCS="UCS2"..do menu 'Video nastaveni' přidány volby priority H263 a H264 5.'Uzivatelske rozhrani' 'Push video' je pro telefony SNOM (Snom870 apod...)3.Früher hatte ich dieses Problem nicht, aber da hatten auch noch nicht alle Betreiber diese SMS so ausführlich gesendet (vielleicht also nur eine SMS).

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