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Schedule multiple lines for each entity with a wide variety of time-bar styles. The ideal solution for employee and resource scheduling. The reaction to the name change has largely mirrored the re- action of developers to Visual Studio . Those who think Microsoft is moving in the right direction with .NET and are ex- cited about the capabilities of that tool have generally welcomed the changes to the magazine.

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Benefits: • Includes 20 new XHTML-FML tags • Checks your XHTML documents for validity and well-formedness • Enables FML document preview in your favorite browsers • Is a simple-to-use environment • Contains tags for performing client-side calculation and input validation • Lets you create multiple pages in a single document • Create online forms, surveys, quizzes and more with just a few tags. Test Track Pro 4 delivers a robust solution by providing source control integration; data field customization; XML and ODBC support; customer and user test configurations; e-mail notification; e-mail bug importing; duplicate defect handling; release note generation; and unlimited customer care. • VTune'" Performance Analyzer non- intrusive sampling and call graph profiling offer multiple ways to understand code performance. • Intel® C Compiler* designed from the VTune Performance ground up to take full advantage of Intel's Analyzer latest P racessors ' Paradise # * ' ntel ' 5 Fortran Compiler* delivers outstand- 123 0153-GI ' ng application performance with advanced „■ features like Profile-Guided Optimization. M Workstation Paradise # E14 0170-GI s 48." Diskeeper Automatic disk defragments for Windows fto/Me/NT/2000 by Executive Software NSTL proven to increase system performance up to 200%.

Paradise # M3A011B-GI 99 NASDAQ: PROG visit us at or call 800-445-7899 Desaware Paradise # D39 0421 -Gl 99 by Desaware Spy Works extends the limits of Visual Basic by allowing you to do almost anything in VB that you can do in other languages such as C . NET support for keyboard hooks, window hooks and subclassing (including cross-task subclassing). Test Track Workgroup 2.0 delivers a rich feature set for smaller teams. Built to automatically eliminate file fragmenta- tion with only a minimum use of system resources, Diskeeper represents better technology and better economics than any other solution available.

Those who think Microsoft has made a misstep with VS.

NET generally feel the magazine is exac- erbating Microsoft's misstep with one of its own.

With 45 controls, we've included everything necessary to create solutions that look great and run efficiently, faster than ever before. Features include: Powerful query engine; Database structure import; Customizable user interface (via templates or programmatically); Custom data editors; Query generation control; Lookup lists; Multi-table views; Calculated fields; Join relationships and join groups; and more! s Component^ Coast Office: 1 .800.858.2739 or 1 .41 2.681 .4343 • West Coast Office: 1 .888.228.4839 or 1 .51 0.496.3240 Component One'" LLC • 4516 Henry Street • Pittsburgh, PA 15213 • USA © 2001 Component One LLC All rights reserved All product names are owned by their respective holders. NET makes direct memory manipulation a breeze, by Robert Teixeira Visual K Enhance Performance With ADO Connection Objects Encapsulating an ADO connection inside a COM object lets your application perform better and scale more easily.

There's nothing like the productivity, flexibility and support of Ultra Suite. Trust the performance, support, and value you can only get from Component One tools. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR FABULOUS LIMITED TIME OFFERS: Full Version 9. Here's how to use ADO Connection objects in COM and MTS.Multi-column day view, week view, calendars, alarms, date and time edit control — all use common properties and events for seamless integration into any application.Calendar Tools Five fast, easy to use drop-in calendar components including monthly and yearly calendars, drop date edit control, scrolling calendar and more.Application Center 2000 makes scaling out easier, with unified Web application and server-farm management that simplifies tasks like cluster management and iindows" application deployment. * Mors I 1 1 Editor's Note by Patrick Meader 13 Reality Check by Elden Nelson 14 Letters to the Editor 17 First Looks 23 Product Listings 25 VS All-Stars 111 Index of Advertisers 112 Guest Opinion by Yasser Shohoud Customer Service: For subscription orders, inquiries, or address changes, call toll-free 866-387-8275 (for domestic subscribers), 850-682-7562 (for international subscribers), or 800456-5911; send a fax to 650-321-3818; send an e-mail to [email protected]@neodata.com; or write to Visual Studio Magazine, P. Specify the issue date, title of the article, the portion you would like to quote, and the purpose.Plus, it makes it easy to achieve capacity on demand through automatic replication of applications when you add servers or make changes to existing applications. Photocopy Rights: Permission to photocopy for internal or personal use may be granted by Fawcette Technical Publications. © Fawcette Technical Publications, ail rights reserved.But I I simplicity is not all you get: Application Center 2000 offers increased uptime through dynamic load balancing and by having no single point of failure. "Visual Studio" is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation and is used by r'awcette t echnical f ublicalluns under license trom the owner, visual aiuatu Magazine is an independent publication not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation.

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