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Again, I've done this lots of times when doing SVN builds, but when updating through a package manager it would be nice to have this done for you.In theory a 'dcop --all-users kdeinit '' restart' from the RPM's post-install would have done, apart from the fact that kdeinit is not a DCOP client.

updating kde-12

Also, things like this are common, "Where do you go to college?

" "University of Texas." "Which university is your degree from?

computer science department or mathematics department is a top-level unit.

There's nothing really implied about the education.

And then there are the ugly disasters like: updating kmail from kde-3.4. X completely breaks imap configuration because of messing up namespaces.

2 years' worth indexing lost at one "innocent" restart. I've seen it at home before, but I thought it was a missing kconf_update in my SVN checkout back then.When the update was complete I had a desktop where Konqueror was still the KDE 3.4 version with a builtin widget style. Kontact crashed on startup when I wanted to use the new desktop.A logoff and relogin later my desktop worked mostly as expected.(10 being the highest, 1 the lowest, but you need at least a 6 to pass at all.) So, Bauke, congratulations with your degree!Updating a running KDE Earlier today I continued the update of my KDE 3.4 at work where I left off last Friday.A university's BS will have taught you more theory but little practice in the business world, while a college's BS degree includes about a year's worth of internships, the last half of which is the subject of the graduation talk.) Anyway, it was a very interesting talk.

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