Updating bookmarks

To create a bookmark, you do not create a changeset. It ires repository meta-data, and by default stays "local" (in your working copy).

You can push and pull bookmarks themselves from remote repositories, if you wish.

'' Requires: A table in the Excel file to line up the bookmarks and named ranges '' Created: by Denis Wright ''============================================================================== Dim obj Excel As Object, _ obj Wbk As Object, _ obj Doc As Document Dim s Bookmark As String, _ s Wbk Name As String Dim s Range As String, _ s Sheet As String Dim BMRange As Range Dim bmk As Bookmark Dim i As Integer, _ j As Integer, _ k As Integer, _ bmk Count As Integer Dim v Names() Dim v Bookmarks() Dim dlg Open As File Dialog Dim bn Excel As Boolean On Error Go To Err_Handle The File Dialog object lets you pick a file for processing. The error handling routine at the end of the code launches Excel if it is not already running. If obj Wbk Is Nothing Then Set obj Wbk = obj Excel. Open(s Wbk Name) End If 'minimize the Excel window obj Excel. Another major frustration is that recording the Paste Special code to insert the Excel table as an enhanced metafile, was ignored by Word, which defaulted to inserting the table as a formatted Word table.

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In effect, you can create one remote repository that everyone works from this way (instead of You will receive an immutable changeset error.

At this point, you'll have to merge and likely manually commit.

If your i Pad is currently using an outdated operating system, connect it to the computer and update the i OS using i Tunes.

To sync your Safari bookmarks from your computer to your i Pad, you must ensure that i Cloud is properly set up.

Your bookmarks, history, passwords, and other settings aren't deleted from Chrome on your device.

When you sign back in to Chrome on that device, all your info will start syncing again.One is to create links to the Excel file, which is OK if the file is not very large or calculation-intensive, and you don’t have too many bookmarks.However, you may find that you have one or more of the following problems: There are articles showing how to push data from Excel to Word using VBA, [see the following], but I hadn’t come across any that used Word as the driver when I had a recent need to do this. Sub Refresh All Tables() ''============================================================================== '' Purpose: To refresh the current table in a Word document with new data from '' the corresponding range in an Excel document.Safari, the default Web browser that comes with an i Pad, can import bookmarks from the full version of the browser on your computer using i Cloud, a feature that enables you to keep content in sync across multiple devices.For business owners, this can be beneficial because it enables you to carry important sites or pages you want to keep track of wherever you go.Your activity may be used to personalize your experience on other Google products, like Search or ads.

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