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Mate, I hate advertising my own posts, but something clicked with me with an asset pertaining to the Cult Ending no one could find in the files, but does exist as a background being showcased by the DDADDS background artist.And I think it's a huge sign of Saul being a romanceable dad, once Cult Ending is released. But, for the moment, it’s kinda confirmed that we can go back to the dungeon.It’s AFTER the Cult Ending, once Joseph is on the run or whatever his fate may be.

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It's on my blog, if you wanna see, and this is the link when you post after my URL: /post/163639712355/god-when-things-suddenly-click-for-me-they-click I’ve NEVER seen that background! It also could be a piece of art that was altered to be the night version we know! (I don’t think the update added any “start” code for the level18 file.) BUT!!

We don’t know yet how to unlock/trigger the cult ending! One of the line Joseph say during the cult ending, while chocking your dadsona, is something like “what’s wrong, you were so into it last night” meaning the cult ending may happen AFTER you sleep with Joseph on the yatch? glad y'all are enjoying it Well, it’s obviously supposed to happen after you sleep with him on the yacht but doesn’t Joseph do that no matter what? ) playthrough I tried getting him to hate my Dadsona’s guts. Oh, I didn’t know that you could sleep with Joseph no matter what! Maybe there’s some secret way to make him hate us, by saying some specific stuff to the other dads while dating them?

A dungeon that we thought may have only been a dream at first. Only to find that Joseph’s threat and power were no mere mental illusion.

Only to realize that Joseph isn’t as gone as we thought he was.

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I'm so sorry to bother again, but I just realized something about Joseph and Saul, if or when Cult Ending finally becomes playable, and needed to share! They both share a line that's very similar to one another, and they also are both, respectively, the first and last dad you meet in the game!

God, when things suddenly click for me, they click HARD.

Okay, so guys, I think I know now a definite sign of Saul being a future route.

Here comes a small update on how things stand, how the project is going and how the staff is coping with everything.

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