dating edmonton canada - Transport properties of self consolidating concrete

Les essais ont été realisés afin d’étudier l’influence de quelques paramètres : le rapport eau/ciment (W/C), le rapport ciment/poudre (C/P), le type de filler (filler calcaire où␣cendres volantes), le type d’agrégats et le type de ciment.

Les résultats concernant le transport de gaz et d’eau ont été liés aux résultats expérimentaux de la porosimétrie au mercure.

At this moment however, it is unclear how significant these differences will be with regard to the concrete practice.

In this paper, the gas and water transport in SCC with limestone filler or fly ash is investigated experimentally.

This difference is probably due to the differences in pore volume, as seen from MIP results.

La durabilité d’un matériau cimentaire dépend largement de sa résistance à l’intrusion d’espèces potentiellement agressives.

For a given mix design, concrete with 180 mm slump consistency exhibited similar RCP value of 505 Coulomb compared to 630 Coulomb for the same concrete with greater dosage of HRWRA to secure a slump flow consistency of 670 mm.

The authors wish to thank the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) as well as the industrial partners participating in the NSERC-Industry Coop project aimed at developing high-performance SCC for repair applications: Axim, Chryso, Ciment Québec, City of Montréal, Degussa, Euclid Canada, Handy Chemicals, Lafarge Canada, Québec Ministry of Transport, St. Another cost-effective and environment-friendly method to produce SCC might be the utilization of RCA for SCC production.This paper presents test results carried out to study the influence of key mixture parameters on frost durability, scaling resistance, and transport properties of self-consolidating concrete (SCC) that can be used in structural repair.In order to reduce the material cost, mineral admixtures such as fly ash or ground granulated blast furnace slag are used [5,6] .However, mineral admixtures may retard the setting time and lower the early strength of concrete [7,8] .The durability of a cementitious material is greatly influenced by the permeability of the material for potentially aggressive substances.

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