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That won’t be a problem because they probably either forgot you did or didn’t have plans anyways. The laughter won’t be out of pity, or sympathy, just to appease you.

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Note that if you want to send a message to someone you haven't matched with, you'll have to pitch in $9.99 a month for a "420 Premium" subscription.

So your dealer's not answering the phone and you need to get high as soon as possible — what to do?

With Android, you'll simply need to scroll up and down on the main screen.

After tapping on a dispensary, you can view a Google-like menu that provides pertinent business information such as the address, phone number, reviews, and business hours.

Sure, you can’t tell the same joke or funny story to anyone else and expect the same reaction because you’ll just end up saying, “You had to be there.” But at least the two of you got to share that moment….

In conclusion: Despite being a little lazy, a lot hungry, and sometimes downright random, a weed smoking opposite can be the break from sobriety you need to return to your regular life feeling really smart.420 Singles is exactly like Tinder, with a couple of kinks here and there.There doesn't seem to be as many active users, and I did notice an odd graphical glitch on Android, but it's still grams of fun.Once logged in, using either your email or Facebook account, you can add pictures and include a witty bio full of innuendos to showcase your inner pothead.Whether on Android or i OS, all you have to do is tap the heart icon at the top of the main screen or just swipe right until you find someone to get high with.Most pot smokers are laid back individuals who go with the flow because caring about things takes energy.

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