The worst office dating mistakes

These people act as if good relationships can make up for a lack of knowledge and skills.

Does the person see you as someone who is helping them along the way? Or are you actually inhibiting the other person’s success?

Here are 5 common mistakes people make when building relationships at work.

Many people are tapped for leadership positions because of their strong individual skills and knowledge.

Yet their past experience of being “the smartest person in the room” can often keep them from developing the ability to draw out the best from others.

Hopefully, you won’t see yourself in any of these examples.

If you do, keep reading and we’ll share some strategies for getting back on track.1. The best work relationships feature a reciprocal give-and-take.

You’ll often see this in technical occupations where professionals have generated all their success through what they know instead of who they know.

They’re genuinely excited about mastering their skills and crafts.

Focusing on results usually isn’t a problem with new employees.

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