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But no matter what, every day you go out and you learn and you improve.

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And by smiling, you look like you’re together, you’re fun, and you’re somebody…

You should speak to her over your shoulder, so it looks like you might walk away at any minute.” “Women are sick of generic guys asking the same generic questions: “So where are you from? It’s a disease AFCs get: They become obsessed with a girl they’re neither dating nor sleeping with, and then start acting so needy and nervous around her that they end up driving her away.” “…lions bite each other’s mane during sex, and how pulling the back of the hair is another evolutionary trigger.” “Most men make the mistake of believing that an attractive woman who doesn’t talk to or acknowledge him is a bitch.

Most of the time, however, she’s just as shy or insecure as the less attractive women he’s ignoring— if not more so.” “In some respects, surfing reminded me of sarging.

Some days you go out and catch every wave and think you’re a champ; other days you don’t get one good wave and you think you suck.

It seemed like dangerous stuff, in that it might actually work.

Another tactic, one for which became particularly famous, was the art of “negging”—that is, giving a woman a semi-insulting compliment so that you a) distinguish yourself from the pack of people she’s accustomed to have hitting on her, and b) slightly lower her self-esteem to the point that she wants your approval and is vulnerable to your advances. I was surprised when I first read [] that in addition to being a sort of how-to manual for picking up women, it’s kind of a Neil Strauss coming-of-age story. Gilsinan: If I read it right, you start out scared to talk to women, you learn all these techniques and score a lot, and then, to spoil it, you meet this woman for whom none of it works and you fall in love and swear off your player ways. I think more people have heard about than have actually read it.Let’s just face it, I got so deep into that community and was seduced by it that I completely lost myself in it. Why did I really stop writing for I even knew then that it was about low self-esteem. Before that I really thought I was healthy, I had parents who loved me, they were never divorced, I had a good childhood, and all of a sudden she saw the story I didn’t. Gilsinan: And the reason there’s an entire book that takes place after that is because seeing the problem is not the same as solving it, right? Strauss: It’s true, that’s when I went to such an extreme that everything’s a technique.Even when I wrote it, I didn’t think it would be a guide. And so at that level you realize was about being in this power relationship—ok, you’re safe because you’re in control, you’re not being vulnerable. The guys would practice taking photos with each other to see how they could look more dominant in a photo.The answer is that if your status is higher, if you’re not making someone feel good about themselves, you’re a jerk.But today, you’re a jerk no matter what if you’re really out there thinking about status.If you’re out there thinking about what your relative status is you can be guaranteed that it’s lower than everybody else. Gilsinan: Could you talk a little bit more about your perspective on the book’s cultural impact? Do people cite you as inspiration for specific things that you find abhorrent?

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