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The announcement, while short on details, notes that Valve saw community has had a longstanding history of trading items, selling things like hats and other cosmetics in the marketplace, long before any other Valve game—before gambling of any kind with Valve’s games, let alone gambling.The most likely reason they did not comment on who they were banning, or looking into, is that they would like all of their players to avoid any third party site, one would imagine, and stick strictly to their marketplace.So **** it, I'm just going to reinstall the entire game for the FIFTH TIME to see if that changes anything.

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The announcement here about gambling certainly seems as a way to get ahead of anything that could be coming their way from the community, press, the commission, or otherwise.

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So: The PC can't BSOD / The Steam can't crash nor the lights from your house depletes it.

Do not run the verification process while performing other system-intensive processes, such as defragmenting your hard drive or scanning for viruses.

Valve’s response is that they have been working to remove the gambling sites from their service but were not going to stop all trading.

As far as we know, the commission and Valve are still working on the issue.

Do not run this process for multiple games at the same time.

Steam want to validate the cache of Team fortress 2, everytime I launch it, pretty darn irritating. I can't support an issue specifically with regard to Windows 8 so if that's the issue, the only solution that I can propose is to wait until this software is officially supported on Windows 8. The following is based on my own experience with Steam doing this to me for TF2 and a similar case can be found here When I first installed TF2 some time ago on a Windows Vista install, it exhibited this behaviour for me. By defragmenting my disk and my game, I managed to resolved the issue.

Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Try as I might, I simply cannot get the damn game to just let me play. That's exactly the problem; Steam won't stop verifying the cache.

I tried reinstalling the game at least four times to no avail (it did let me play once, but it had horrendous stuttering issues), and I even tried reinstalling all of Steam twice. The game refuses to do anything past validating files that have already been validated, and getting an update that I already have (which I know from the brief stint mentioned above). I did decide to do it manually like you said, but that didn't do crap.

================== If you thought that hl2would be the last glitch in tf2. 2012-2013 - TF2 Validating Cache Files - What is more annoying than that? [Feel Free to post any type of comment and ratings]( "Feel Free to post any type of comment and ratings") *if is according to rules* You must exit steam correclty. If you're disconnected, you can still come back from the server.

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