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This data typically serves as the basis for online maps of cell phone tower locations.Many online maps are able to further break down the information by provider, separating Verizon tower locations from those of AT&T, for example.For a list of carriers that have certified their LTE network on i Phone, refer to the chart below.

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Instead of providing an extra-large map of the entire country that can then be navigated, it has broken down the information for each of the major cities.

In addition to the actual map itself, each local area page also has a small table indicating the average rating and total number of reviews for the major carriers in the area.

The maps used on Cell are powered by Google Maps, so the local information about streets and points of interest is generally kept up to date.

The data regarding cell phone tower locations is then laid on top of the main Google Maps, giving the similar zoom and pan features found in the regular Google Maps interface.

Instead, this site simply uses a single blue square to indicate the location of each tower.

Clicking on any given square, however, reveals the ability to view more details.While the websites for the different carriers may display coverage maps, third party websites generally must be used to pinpoint the locations of the actual cell towers.In the United States, most cell phone antennas are registered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).However, since not every antenna is necessarily registered with the FCC, the data is inherently incomplete and is always a work in progress.Still, these maps can provide helpful information to consumers interested in identifying providers with the best local presence.While not an actual word, ‘Sidified’ could refer to the experience of being infectiously enthused and energized by Ottawa fashion guru , host of the Get Sidified gala held at the Sala San Marco banquet hall on Friday.

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