Taurus and scorpio dating

The confidence and security that is kindled by a fixed duplicity can cause problems in a relationship when it is not tempered by a good character.

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Every sign within the zodiac has the potential to be selfish, so all relationships will take some degree of work.

Poor astrological matches will take considerably more work.

In contrast, a Scorpio or Taurus whose planets are commonly in opposition makes for a highly conflicted and difficult person.

This latter example may do poorly in any relationship regardless of whether his love match is actually a zodiac ideal.

This means that the two natal charts in question must feature a chart-dominant Scorpio and a chart-dominant Taurus, not merely two individuals who have their sun in Scorpio and Taurus. An individual with a Sun in Scorpio who also has his Mars, moon, and Venus in Aries will often display more dominant fire sign characteristics than Scorpio.

When you examine the love compatibility of two individuals, you must take into account all the major planets in each partner's natal chart.

Both of these zodiac signs have their quadruplicity in the "fixed" category.

The fixed signs of the zodiac result in an energy that moves downward towards the earth. Unfortunately, when negative character aspects come into play, the fixed signs may also produce character deficiencies such as stubbornness, a fear of change, and a very opinionated nature.

When discussing a Taurus and Scorpio relationship in detail, it's important to note that both the Taurus and Scorpio signs have specific personality characteristics, some of which are good and some of which are negative.

A determining factor for how an individual will manifest his zodiac characteristics depends largely on the planetary relationships in his natal chart.

Although Scorpio and Taurus represent a favorable match, the jealous, brooding nature of a Scorpio must be tamed in order for the relationship to flourish.

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