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This time I was accompanied on the bus by another two tourists - one of whom was also in a wheelchair - who were going to another hotel. ” So, it seems that the Mar y Sol is well known in the circles, although with fewer people who are actually familiar with it and able to rate it.

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The ceremony to present the 2nd Arona Accessibility Awards - AAA was held on 2nd December 2017 in Los Cristianos, on the eve of the World Day for Functional Diversity.

The main individuals and organisations committed to this cause over the past year were present at this year’s AAA, and were recognised in ten different categories.

They first stayed in Gran Canaria and then visited the Mar y Sol on a trip to Tenerife.

After a brief period of familiarisation, they were over the moon with it.

Its architecture is open and elegant, with areas of great activity and others to which you can retire, although with the pool area in full view if that’s what you want.

This year Mar y Sol Wheelchair Rugby Cup was won by the team “La Palma”.

This allows the fathers and mothers to participate personally in the selection of the toys for their children.

The sole aim of this project is to preserve the magic and excitement of Twelfth Night and to ensure that all the children receive their toys, lighting up Arona with smiles.

Konrad is responsible for the phrase “Hey, it’s great the number of things you can do in a wheelchair!

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