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It features a self-hosted responsive web-interface, a REST-API and a websocket connector.Update : User @debsahu contributed code for integration with homeassistant.Remember this is the way I do it & it works very well for me, but each furniture piece is different and will require more or less steps which you will discover as you are stripping your own furniture pieces. I used a plastic scraper from Lowes, but there are many options & again each one will vary for the job you are needing done. I applied the citristrip with a rag, you can apply with a brush or another method, but the rag worked perfect for me. As you get to the end of stripping the paint off you may come across a few stubborn spots. This is great for cleaning up any leftover paint or stripper off of your piece of furniture.

Some people noticed that there are currently problems compiling Mc Lighting whe using ESP8266 core in version 2.4.0.

This is due to a problem with WS2812FX when using this version.

Than scrape again, use your steel wool or steel brush for the stubborn areas.

Keep repeating this process until almost all of the paint is off the piece of furniture.

For the moment you can stick to the 2.4.0 RC2 (also easily available via the boards manager). Mc Lighting was featured in the german radio show "Netzbasteln" on Deutschlandfunk Nova with a nice audio tutorial.

Update : There was a breaking change in the WS2812FX library: Speeds have a new format (65535-0 instead of 0-255).You can also run some light grit sand paper over the wood at this time to get a smooth wood finish. With this particular piece using this paint stripper I did not have to use any sandpaper, but you may have to use it depending on your situation. Ask below, on the facebook page or find me on Instagram or Twitter . I have a giveaway later this week for those from Yellow Heart Art. More updates on this guest bedroom coming soon, & in case you missed it you can go see the DIY headboard . I simply stained the drawers with Minwax special walnut just to give the drawers a vibrant finish & to seal the drawers. Mc Lighting (the multi-client lighting gadget) is a very cheap internet-controllable lighting solution based on the famous ESP8266 microcontroller and WS2811/2812 led strips.I released a new version that converts the speeds settings.

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