Street smart dating

If this man wants to know more, he’ll have to take you on a date or call you on the phone.

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I had been a decent student in high school, but certainly not valedictorian material. While working full-time in an office job, I devoted myself to my studies.

I would accept no less than a 4.0 GPA and that mindset was what I thrived on.

When you are asked to share your opinion the abridged version, not the dissertation you wrote on the subject, keep in mind being right doesn’t make you smarter.

You may come across as smart but you won’t come across as fun.

Don’t assume a man isn’t a catch because he doesn’t the same degrees or passion for the esoteric.

Take the time to get to know if someone can hold your interest, even if they can’t always hold the conversation. What we do know is that even the smartest women do some dumb things when it comes to love.There’s the story of thesmart women, let me explain.Don’t make the mistake of getting into heated debates or having to be right with a man you don’t know that well. What you’ve accomplished in life is no indication that you would make a great partner.He probably isn’t worth the energy and you’ll come across like the bully. When I know something I don’t attribute it to the political science class I had freshman year or the environmental studies course I took in Italy while studying abroad. In dating, the women who are constantly reminding men, into college.Listening is far more attractive than talking and the most intelligent women know this. Not to say that you can’t fulfill your thirst for intellectual stimulation but the mistake I’ve seen smart women make is judging a man too soon by his level or perceived intelligence.

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