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We are the nation’s leading civil liberties advocate in the Supreme Court.

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TCP could handle packet loss, resending missing packets as necessary.

With DCA managing the ARPANet now, it was decided that ARPANet would be integrated into the Defense Data Network (DDN).

ARPANet would have to interconnect with different networks and in order to do so, ARPANet needed to migrate to the new TCP/IP.

DCA announced in 1980 that ARPANet will migrate from NCP to TCP/IP (the second of three network protocol migrations), and that it would do so on a tight and non negotiable timetable. 1, 1983, ARPANet would turn off NCP; if you wanted your packets to make it, the hosts had to be using TCP/IP.

In addition, as seen in the sidebar, the Internet culture of consensus driven process had already developed.

But this was a top-down DOD directive with a flag day deadline - resulting in a clash of cultures.

TCP/IP would permit interconnectivity between different networks.

TCP would take on error control - permitting packets to be dropped on the floor as necessary.

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