Sporty dating a mans field guide to dating

The world of dating apps is a confusing place to be. And should you slither into girls’ Instagram DMs when you don’t even match?

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She'll even suggest getting up early to make team-themed breakfast snacks together.3. You don't just go for the game, you go for your friend Big Dave's tailgate burgers and also beer... You're in the best shape of your life just from dating her (because you pretty much have to be).

She will never get mad at you for staying in just because the Arsenal/Man U game is on at 8 a.m. Because they're basically basketball shorts and track pants.10.

After all, isn’t dating about getting OUT there and doing things with somebody while getting to know them in the process IRL vs. Plus, fun activities and travel destinations make for less pressure on the date — you can concentrate on your mini golf game or trying not to fall off your stand-up paddleboard instead of trying to think of conversation-starters.

In fact, new research even shows that Millennial daters prefer to meet someone while traveling.

However, if your favourite sport is lifting crisps to your mouth on the sofa, you should probably just say that so you’re more likely to meet a like-minded person.

Because it’s all well and good pretending to be into sport to get more matches, but what happens when those matches want to talk sport and you end up having to ghost them?

Miss Travel’s tagline is “Never Travel Alone” and there you can find someone who loves to travel as much as you do.

You can send members trip proposals, indicating the location (your city, theirs, or a new place), dates, and what kind of trip you’d like: Luxury, Adventure, Romance, Foodie, Local.

You never have to choose between going to the gym and seeing your girlfriend.5. I don't think I have to explain this, but just in case: it's because they tone your butt and make it bigger. She's physically capable of any sex position imaginable. You can borrow her pajamas when you sleep over and not feel weird.

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