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He also founded a Jerusalem yeshiva which he headed until his death.

The article expands upon the recurring issue of his radicalism and the highly provocative nature of some of his activities and utterances.

“The divine spirit, which has never left the Western Wall, now walks before the armies of Israel in a pillar of fire to light our way to victory,” he said when he reached the wall with the first of the soldiers.

Over the next weeks he blew his shofar all over the country, from Mount Sinai in the south to Mount Hermon in the north.

On August 10, Goren came to the Temple Mount and found the gates blocked.

He and a group of soldiers began to break the gates down so they could enter and pray, thus reoccupying the compound from the Muslims.Among the first forces to arrive at the Western Wall, he proceeded to conduct the first Jewish prayer service held on that spot since 1948, his voice going out live by radio to a nation already being swept up in nationalistic euphoria. Thus the stamp’s design features (in addition to Goren’s amassed campaign ribbons, down the left-hand border) the iconic photograph of him in front of the Wall, carrying a Torah scroll and blowing the shofar. The scene at the Temple Mount on June 7th, 1967 is described by Israeli historian Tom Segev in his excellent book “1967” (pp.378-9). Uzi Narkis, who in 1967 was head of the IDF’s Central Command and thus in charge of Jerusalem area operations, including the Israeli assault on the Old City.Narkis was likewise present at the Temple Mount that remarkable day, and years later revealed an unusual verbal exchange he had with Rabbi Goren at the time.However the Waqf guards on the Temple Mount discovered the underground activity and soon sent down some young men through cistern entrances above to “discourage” the work.A fist fight ensued and the episode concluded with the sealing of the wall with six feet of reinforced cement.From the moment Moshe Dayan had been wise enough to order the removal of the Israeli flag from the Dome of the Rock, immediately after the occupation, Israel had in fact conceded the Temple Mount to Muslims.

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