Sorority couple sex date zydeco dating

Women wear halter tops, tube tops, cut off tops, and short shorts or mini-dresses that all reveal cleavage, most of their thighs and bare legs.

A man staggers, slurs his words and says that he was "roofied" (drank punch laced with Rohypnol) at a sorority party; he says, "So if anyone wants to have sex with him (he looks at a male friend), tonight's the night." A woman asks another woman if she has ever emailed a photo of a guy's rear end, and the second woman says no.

Several women shake their behinds in close-up at the camera at a tailgate party.

Several young women wear short dresses that bare cleavage and bare legs up to the mid-thigh.

A husband lies nude on a bed, face up, and paper money covers his stomach, abdomen, hip area and thighs; he rolls his eyes in ecstasy as his wife throws more money onto him.

A wife straddling her prone husband on their bed says that she is pregnant and gags, burps several times and vomits a lot of yellowish vomitus on the man's face and he grimaces.

A man in a garage sits on a large bucket with a roll of toilet paper in his hand and says he has to "poop" (we see part of his thighs under a long tailed shirt).

A woman with very large breasts wears a midriff revealing blouse and when she laughs her breasts bounce.

A man wears short-shorts and has muscles painted in black on his chest, arms, and abdomen.A woman tells two girlfriends that she has made love to two men; one of the others says she has done everything there is to do with a man and her Dad gave her a rape whistle.A man says that he invented a phone app that makes a penis look bigger.A sorority promotional video shows a dozen women wearing skimpy bikinis, revealing cleavage and bare thighs.A video shows women wearing cut off tops revealing bare abdomens and short-shorts as they twerk with their backs to the camera and "" appears in bright numbers over each of their rear ends.Over 50 college women wearing skimpy bikinis lounge in a yard (we see a few bare buttocks, cleavage and bare abdomens); as the homeowner leaves for work, the women pull off his shirt and trousers, revealing his bare chest, abdomen and thighs.

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