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Even if you know nothing about charting your cycles, anything you might have noticed about your body, along with any suspected dates of conception.beginning or ending of any pregnancy symptoms like nausea, vomiting, etc.– date of any pregnancy tests taken and results (most tests positive at about 4 weeks pregnancy)whether your baby’s heartbeat can be heard with a fetoscope (usually not until about 16-17 weeks if you’ve had a baby before, not until almost 20 weeks if you are a first-timer)when your baby’s heartbeat can be heard with a Doppler (as early as 9-10 weeks if you’ve had a baby before, a few weeks later for first-timers)measuring the height of your uterus, although this can vary from person to person and isn’t really accurate until about 20 weeks.Compare to previous pregnancies if possible.-cervix will change and soften between 6-10 weeks and will be visibly purplish upon exam!

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So, you don’t have a last period date to go on, or you’re cycles are irregular enough to not know which end is up. But for those opposed to ultrasound (or for those just wanting that first pregnancy challenge) there is another way.

For so many women it is, and many doctors insist on routine ultrasound when there isn’t a period date to go on.

The EDD is just that, and educated guestimate (guess/estimate) and is not meant to be written in stone.

When the due date has been set by an accurately measured CRL, it shouldn't be changed by a subsequent scan.

After more testing has been done to determine whether the baby is growing properly and there is no other cause for concern, then it is feasible that perhaps the original measurement of the CRL wasn't properly measured by the person operating the sonogram.

In this case, the new date is the actual date (considering the new measurement had been measured properly).

The length of the embryo on the longest axis constitutes the crown-rump length.

This is actually considered to be the best parameters to date the embryo. A rough rule of thumb is that CRL 6.5 = Menstrual Age in Weeks.

First of all, dating a pregnancy by ultrasound isn’t perfect.

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