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THERE’S A FAMOUS story in the Talmud about a curious student who takes his studies past the point of what might generally be considered in good taste.

Kahane, the yeshiva boy in question, hides under the bed of his teacher, deliberately listening in on the master’s lovemaking with his wife.

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Once one complies with these restrictions, sex is not only allowed but is a The American and Jewish sides of the identity of American Jews complement each other in, for example, their mutual concern for individuals, education, and the rule of law (even over heads of state), although the two traditions come to those stands for different reasons.

At the same time they disagree in ways that directly affect their views of sex, birth control, and...

Baskin, Aryeh Cohen, Elliot Dorff, Esther Fuchs, Bonna Haberman, Elliot Kukla, Gail Labovitz, Malka Landau, Sarra Lev, Laura Levitt, Sara Meirowitz, Jay Michaelson, Haviva Ner-David, Danya Ruttenberg, Naomi Seidman, and Arthur Waskow.

First of all, much love and many thanks to my superhero agent Jill Grinberg, and to Kirsten Wolf for her copious time and support.

It is not history, as it does not tell of an actual historical case, nor is it fictional narrative, since it functions as instruction rather than description or story.

But although it is instructive, it is not an instruction manual or a law book per se, since it confesses to instruct on...

The passage from Vayiqra Rabbah comes from Novak’s book...

TWO MYTHIC TALES — the Garden of Eden and the Song of Songs — are the Hebrew Bible’s richest, deepest explorations of the place of people in the world and the relationships of human beings to the earth.

WE LEARN A lot about something by examining the words we use to describe it, where they come from, how they sound, what they evoke.

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