Slingerland drum dating dating the gospel of john

The rarest of slingy snares, Broadcasters were only made for 1 year.The top hoops,are engraved broadcaster,as the radio kings are engraved"Slingerland Radio King".

Not to derail the thread, but bobdadruma's postcard shows the kit with a harp, accordion, fiddle/violin, vibes ... lol Bobs pic - thats Desi Arnaz on the left and Gene Krupa trying to blow trumpet. Are you thinking to buy the famed Radio King snare?

There is a decent Black Diamond Pearl one on ebay right now sitting at $160 with bidding still open...a broken strainer lever and a damaged hoop.

Exceptions to nearly every strict product taxonomy existed.

The popularity of the old Slingerland Radio King snare drum is evidenced by myriad professional drummers that still use the snare in 2010, despite endorsing other brands For most of the company's pre-1970s history, Slingerland's manufacturing processes were not standardized in the way that modern large-scale manufacturing companies' are.

Some Artist models were supposedly made with 10 lug and a clamshell strainer....never say never. Introduced in the 36 catalog after a name change fom the Broadcaster model.

Gretsch was already using that names,and sued Slingerland.

Slingerland complied and renamed their drums Radio King.

In that introduction the wooden 1 ply maple with rerings drums were 8 lugs but there was also a 10 lug metal shelled drum they called Radio king.

Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich were both Radio King endorsers.

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