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The thought of it made here hotter than anything else could.Then she asked me if I would pretend to be her son. She liked to play out different fantasy scenes with me.

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The thought of fucking her son made her wet and hot.

She could not even enjoy masturbating unless she was indulging in this fantasy.

In some she would tie me up and sexually torture me until I became her sex slave.

I would also make suggestions and give her story ideas, which she would love.

I liked nothing more than being hugged by her and feeling her breasts rub up against me while being lost in he vapors of her musk mixed with the scent of crushed roses she always wore.

Since we only had each other, she began to depend on me more and more to be the man of the house.

Without realizing it, she started to eventually tease me.

When I wanted to snuggle in her breasts, when we hugged, she would pull me away can call me a "naughty boy" (with a sly smile), for example.

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Our weird relationship developed this way over a few months without her ever suspecting me.

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