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Emmerdale viewers were shocked to discover the dashing Tom Waterhouse (Ned Porteous) is actually the dearlt departed Chris Tate's son, Joseph.

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Joseph/Tom is currently on a mission to build a golf course in the Dales, which conveniently sees the Dingle homestead destroyed in the process.

But Dingle Diva Debbie is never one to appreciate being played – could she be the one that sees Joseph's revenge plan fail?

AJ and Katherine are sitting on the couch together at the start of the video, and as Tripp starts to wonder away, the dad calls him back to ask him a very important question. ' he asks, and Tripp immediately lifts up the shirt of his Mickey Mouse pajamas with one hand and starts patting his stomach with the other.

Everyone in the room is laughing including Tripp, and he continues to pat his belly as he walks towards his dad.

The 28-year-old former Miss Alabama took to Instagram on Wednesday evening to share a precious video of the little boy lifting his shirt and patting his stomach after his 26-year-old father, NFL star AJ Mc Carron, asks him where his 'big belly' is.

The heartwarming clip was captured by AJ's mother Dee Dee Mc Carron, who can be heard laughing hysterically in the background as Tripp proudly shows his parents and grandmother his stomach.AJ pats his own stomach to show Tripp that he has a big belly too, and the little boy turns his attention onto his dad.However, as soon as AJ asks to see his big belly, Tripp stops what he is doing and lifts his shirt up again to show off his little tummy."In the time he’s been brooding over this revenge story there has been a significant amount of collateral damage and whether or not he realises he’s gone too far, that’s something that will come out later on and there’s an element of regret with what he’s doing."Fans have enjoyed Tom/Joseph and Debbie's blossoming 50 Shades-style romance, which has seen Joseph even buy Debbie a house (before giving her the boot in last night's episode).But one member of the Emmerdale cast who is noticeably less thrilled is Charity herself.Debbie signed a contract, unaware of what she was really getting herself into.

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