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He'll allow someone that shouldn't be in your circle to tell you the truth.For me, I'm trying to have the least amount of explaining to do when I get to heaven.Wiki sites like Wikipedia and IMDb contains information related to him and his daredevil biography.

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Since turning pro Ryan has dominated the contest circuit, bringing home just about every title there is.

In 2005, he successfully defended the title as National Street Champion and added World Street Champion to his long list of accomplishments.

Now, with more than a year and a half sober and newfound commitment to health, religion and skating, Ryan Sheckler is skating (and living) better than he ever has before.

Everybody around me was way more important than myself.

Ryan: What I heard was, her parents don't approve of my lifestyle, which they don't know my lifestyle.

Gretchen: As in today's Monday and tomorrows Tuesday, yes.Ryan Sheckler is going to be featured on an upcoming episode of Keke Palmer‘s new Nickelodeon show, True Jackson VP.Keeks Myspace blog: hi Everyone, I am so tired from filming all day, but I just had to come online just for a moment to tell everyone how much fun I had on set today with Ryan Sheckler!To numerous children with Autism and adaptive sports participants, Ryan Sheckler's Sheckler Foundation is one of the few inclusive organizations in skateboarding to not only acknowledge but nurture their desire to shred with numerous grants and clinics.To have that happen with people I love hanging out with that I don't remember.My energy and my positivity has created this barrier.

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