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Here's an example of what they claim to want: ......huh?You've gotta read the rest of these alleged secrets - CLICK HERE for the full article.(It's probably going to change your life.)ROB SHEFFIELD, contributing editor at Rolling Stone and author of Love is a Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time (Random House, 2007).

This is about feeling healthy, satisfied and fulfilling our lives," she said.

The guide will be among the first in the country aimed at encouraging a healthy sex life among older people.

The How I Learned Series features writers, storytellers, comedians, and other raconteurs holding forth on a different theme.

It all happens every last Wednesday of the month, and sometimes more than that, which basically means you will have the best night of your life on those nights, repeatedly. So gather your tailgate party favors, your boom boxes, your backstage passes and a wad of cash for concert t-shirts because June's theme is How I Learned Music Could Change My Life.

If you want to sleep with women exclusively, great! If sometime down the road, you start desiring men again, then do that, too! Don’t feel beholden to an identity that no longer serves you, as I have said in previous columns.

Forget the labels for a minute and focus instead on what you want right now.

(For more on that, read this: “Am I actually a lesbian?

”)Labels can be useful sometimes — they help our brains process information more efficiently, for instance.

Unreserved is the radio space for Indigenous community, culture, and conversation. With Valentine's Day just around the corner Rosanna Deerchild headed to Portage Place Mall in downtown Winnipeg to get sex and dating advice from complete strangers.

Host Rosanna Deerchild takes you straight into Indigenous Canada, from Halifax to Haida Gwaii, from Shamattawa to Ottawa, introducing listeners to the storytellers, culture makers and community shakers from across the country. We're talking hickeys and dating apps in this bonus podcast. Hear how IToday, from making, eating and selling food to feeding your love of literature, we are setting the table and inviting you to a story feast.

But now, Cosmo has decided that they can get into the minds of men and figure out all their secrets.

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