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He started out at 18 doing in movies what he was reputed to be very good at and preoccupied with doing off-screen anyway.The pleasure he takes from the act is palpable in all of his movies, including those in the '90s when he'd come out of retirement.

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This guy has a supersexy late '70s/early 80s look about him and what amounts to a third leg, not to mention a coupla jumbo-sized eggs on him.

He was always a stunning top, never more so than in Where do you begin with Lance? This lumbering blond surfer came off as young, dumb and full of come-hither looks that he would happily consummate at length and with gusto.

Many others have succumbed to vices perhaps more common among guys who sell sex than among the general population.

That's another thing to think about, how porn is a lot like America—obsessed with sex but too ashamed of it to deal with our interest in it, or to deal with the very real issues that pop up among those who make the porn we order but who are often shunned in practice while being venerated in theory.

Find out their diversity through this post, and give up thinking that bugs are dangerous!

Some of the suborders once classified as ‘Homoptera’ include some well-known organisms, such as cicadas (Cicadidae) and aphids (Aphididae). The tiniest specimens belong to the Anthocoridae, Microphysidae, Ceratocombidae, Dipsocoridae, Aepophilidae and Leptopodidae families, which are barely visible to the naked eye.I mean, he made quite industrious use of that lazy susan in (1986)—that was the first time I saw two men take advantage of a single man's asset at the same time.When he made a comeback in '98 and worked through the early '00s, I was shocked to discover he'd survived!He seems to be as sweet as he was in his movies, where he missed the memo that gay sex stars are supposed to be tough, edgy and pseudo-macho.The word "icon" gets tossed about fairly lightly, but if anyone on this list deserves it, it's Parker.He had a Marlboro Man machismo and, as I've said before, Jack Wrangler had one of the industry's best-ever danglers.

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