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They end up romanticizing or aestheticizing their process to the point that they’ve made a personal art out of being lazy. I had ideas for thoughts, characters, individual sentences, and I wrote them down in a gigantic nebula of Word files.Writing is nothing like an office job and yet it requires an intense level of self-accountability to get real work done. I’ve said it’s like filling a waterbed with the moisture from your sighing. Then I saw that some parts were getting more attention and cohering more than others, and then it became clear how they could be organized by theme and section.

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A short safety orientation is required and lifeguards are on duty.

The Northwest Indiana Times reports that Whiting Mayor Joe Stahura says the $300,000 attraction is part of efforts to draw more people to the city’s lakefront. The disciplines: Splashing, Jumping, Bouncing and Diving-Jiving!

That said, there are older readers who were astute enough to see above all this, even though it’s not where they live.

People like Nell Zink could tell it wasn’t satire; it was social fiction.The ways people judge it as either satire or realism are very telling.Most people my age understand that most of the book isn’t exaggerated much.Tulathimutte: Yeah, I always balk at people who write about their productivity as if it was exactly the same as punching into a factory or office. The artistic process can be brute-forced, and you can benefit from throwing time at it, but it’s not an input-output labor scheme.On the other hand, artists sometimes justify procrastination as “process”—they’ll take a three-hour walk in the woods and say they need it to write a semicolon. It was written in the stupidest way possible, which was all at once.*** The Rumpus: that you get “acid reflux” when anyone says you’ve written about millennials.

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