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However, at least one victim was described by police as "an all-American girl."NEW YORK ( -- The Great Basin, a vast, arid bowl sprawling between the Rockies and the Sierra Nevada, gets its name from an odd geographical trait: Its few rivers find no outlet to the sea.

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These slayings occurred in Millard and Juab counties in Utah, and in Elko, Nev. George, Utah, in 1991 that was thought to also be linked to this sub-cluster.

However, in March 1999 police arrested the husband of the Juab County victim and charged him with her murder.

It's rare that the same person has good visual taste and good taste in people and taste in ideas.)" -Susan Sontag In sleuthing to develop this list I found some other interesting info point, Utah launched a website, UTAP, to try to help track and solve these sort of cases.

I found an article containing the actual link but it didn't work.

Many were stripped nude, aggressively sexually abused and assaulted beyond what would be necessary to kill them.

Their bodies were found on hilltops, in snowbanks, rivers or desolate expanses of desert.

Some were purposefully posed on their backs, arms spread in the shape of a cross, decomposing faces scanning the sky for weeks or months until found by a deer hunter or trucker.

Years after the crimes, identities of three of the slain women are still unknown. More at link: DE...0FOR KILLERS The following are female victims in Elko County that might be victims of this murderer. Note that a victim was found as early as 1972 matching the victim profile of the Great Basin Murder victims (which, per Dr.

That still leaves me still questioning if there is a comprehensive list.

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